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Your First Visit

What to Expect

You may call and make your own appointment or you may be referred by another health care provider. Our staff will then mail you a packet of information and a form to fill out and bring with you when you come for your appointment.
First Visit at MS Vein Institute
Once you arrive, you will check in with one of our receptionists who will escort you into our media room to watch a video of Dr. Manning and Dr. Adams discussing venous disease.
What to Expect on First Visit at MS Vein Institute
You will next see a Registered Vascular Technician for an ultrasound exam of your legs. The ultrasound exam identifies any underlying source of venous disease. The information obtained from the ultrasound exam is critical to the design of your specific treatment plan.
First Vein Treatment Appointment at MS Vein
You will then be taken into our photography room where our clinical coordinator will photograph your legs. They will then escort you to one of our exam rooms where you will meet with either Dr. Manning or Dr. Adams. Your medical history will be reviewed, your legs will be carefully examined, the ultrasound exam will be discussed in detail, and a customized treatment plan will be formulated specifically for you.
Vein Treatment Visit at MS Vein Institute
Our clinical coordinator will then escort you down to see one of our insurance specialists who will discuss the terms of your insurance coverage and schedule your procedure.
What to Expect on First Appointment at MS Vein
When you leave Mississippi Vein, we want you to be educated regarding your specific venous problem. We want you to understand your treatment plan and to be fully informed regarding insurance coverage and any out of pocket costs. At Mississippi Vein, we want the overall treatment experience to be first class in every respect.
– Dr. Manning
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